Plaza Flowers Named Best Wedding Florist In Greater Philadelphia

Plaza Flowers Named Best Wedding Florist In Greater Philadelphia

The nationally recognized design team at Plaza Flowers has been creating beautiful wedding bouquets and event centerpieces for 33 years. That experience and attention to detail has earned Plaza Flowers the designation of “Best Wedding Florist 2017 – Greater Philadelphia” by Lux International. LUX magazine is a premium lifestyle publication covering all things luxurious, including spectacular weddings and events.

Wedding Bouquet Pennsylvania“Just being nominated is a huge compliment and shows evidence of hard work, but winning in this competitive market is a true sign of excellence in execution” said Amy Gower, Awards Executive and Lux Magazine. Plaza Flowers is proud to add this accolade to it’s long list of awards including Pennsylvania’s Florist of The Year. The past twelve months have been the busiest ever at Plaza Flowers, and sales continue to explode as the team focuses on quality flowers, creative designs and unsurpassed service.

“When it comes to the wedding day, we have one chance to get it right,” explained Chris Drummond, President of Plaza Flowers. “I challenge my staff to treat every wedding as if it were their own, leaving no detail left to chance.” From the initial consultation to making wise recommendations to procuring farm-direct flowers to creating breathtaking designs to time-sensitive delivery and setup, the professionals at Plaza Flowers are on top of the process and allow the bride to relax and know that the flowers for her big day will be perfect.

Kellynoreen Pascal is the Design Director who heads the events team and enjoys the excitement of making each wedding unique. “The language of flowers is a way to express emotions. Planning your wedding flowers means adding lots of personal touches, so I encourage couples to choose flowers that have a special sentiment or meaning behind them. There is sure to be a flower to fit everyone’s style, emotion and message. Every flower has a story to tell!” That is one reason why Plaza Flowers has avoided selling wedding packages, which allow brides to choose from a menu of stock designs. Instead, Pascal and her team encourage brides to complete a preconsultation survey at This allows the consultant to prepare custom, creative ideas prior to meeting with the bride.

In online reviews and thank-you letters, brides often reference this level of personalized service and the high quality of the designs. It’s hard to beat three generations of experience, especially when the company is still owned and operated by the Drummond Family who founded the business. Heather Tuckey, Vice President, touts the benefits of being a right-sized family florist. “We are small enough to give you that desired service and attention, yet big enough to handle large events and leverage our buying power for great pricing.” Plaza Flowers serves about 40,000 customers annually from their ten thousand square foot Philly's Best Event Floristflagship store at Egypt and Trooper Roads in Jeffersonville. Brides and event planners also enjoy their convenient special events office at 1515 Market Street in Center City.

Plaza Flowers previously received Wedding Wire’s “Couples Choice” award, “Top Florist” by The Knot, “Top 100” by FTD, and “Top 50” by Teleflora. Interested brides can take advantage of the free online resources offered by Plaza Flowers at, including a budget calculator, idea gallery, planning checklist, and more.

Benefits of Flowers and Plants in the Workplace

Benefits of Flowers and Plants in the Workplace

Google Office in Pittsburgh contains a series of plants to boost mood and creativity

Google Office in Pittsburgh contains a series of plants to boost mood and creativity.

Many businesses are scrambling to find new ways to promote their company, increase worker retention, productivity, and creativity. This scramble has lead to much innovation over the years. From companies like Netflix which changed the way we watch television and movies, to businesses that have changed the way we live our daily lives like Google. Creativity is at a high point right now in the 21st century. However, many executives still wonder how they can increase creative output and effectively create a more productive workplace. The secret may be much simpler than people think, and the answer is flowers and plants! Below, we’ll take a look at the different ways having flowers and plants in the workplace can help boost overall company morale, productivity, and make a business BLOOM.

Netflix Office in Beverly Hills

Netflix Office in Beverly Hills, CA.

First, there are many health benefits to having plants in your workplace. Plants naturally convert carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen. Excessive carbon dioxide in the air can result in increased levels of stress and sickness. By implementing more plants into a workplace, more natural carbon dioxide conversion can take place resulting in increased productivity due to lessened stress as well as reduced health care costs by companies to compensate their workers. Additionally, root microbes of plants can take harmful toxins found in the air (benzene, hexane, formaldehyde, etc.) and turn them into food and energy for the plant. Dr. Margaret Burchett, a well-recognized air quality researcher stated that “It is expected that indoor plants will become standard technology, a vital building installation element for improving indoor air quality.”

Philadelphia Office Flowers

Welcome visitors and improve morale with fresh flowers near the entrance.

A 2003 research study, “The Impact of Flowers and Plants on Workplace Productivity Study” was done by Texas A&M University, and it was committed to seeing if adding flowers and plants to the workplace was able to promote creativity and problem solving. The research team, led by Roger Ulrich, Ph.D., gave research participants a series of problem-solving situations in various environments including spaces that contained flowers and plants, spaces with sculptures and statues, and spaces that contained no decorative elements at all. They found that in the environment that contained flowers and plants, participants were able to develop more creative ideas than in environments that lacked those flowers and plants.

Science has shown that there is a direct correlation between adding plants and flowers to the workplace and increased productivity, creativity, and improved health. Employee recruitment and retention also improves as team members enjoy the improved work environment and more pleasant interactions with coworkers and clients. With today’s competitive businesses environment, companies are looking for new ways to get ahead of the competition, adding florals are one way to give companies the competitive edge they need to stay ahead and create innovative products and services.

For more information about the care of plants and the benefits of plants in the workplace, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!