5 Wedding Flower Trends for 2015

Wedding season is in full bloom! But as that special day draws ever closer, how’s your flower hunt going? With so many choices, discerning your own botanical preferences can seem like a dizzying prospect. Fortunately, Plaza Flowers knows its way around the shifting sands of the latest in wedding décor.

Let’s go on a whirlwind tour of wedding flower trends, 2015 style! Whether your tastes run classic or contemporary, demure or outspoken, we’ve got ideas that will add magic to your nuptials.

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1. The New Classics

This year has seen a marked softening in traditional color palettes. Roses and tulips especially are migrating away from gem tones. The bright pinks, whites, and creams that have predominated those flowers are giving way to more muted choices.

It’s a trend we’re happy to embrace. For one thing, pastels let bright and interesting vases share some of the glory too. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to pepper your bouquets with bursts of the unexpected. Some playfully colored hydrangeas or lilies can go a long way here.

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2. A Bit on the Wild Side

Not everyone is looking for a traditional wedding, though. That certainly leads to other interesting currents in wedding flower trends. 2015 will be the year for more personal, contemplative, and homespun weddings. The opportunities to flaunt this in foliage are practically limitless.

Wildflowers in particular are going through a renaissance. Their unorthodox presence and rare colors can be used to let your unique tastes shine. Particularly romantic are the russet hues of coneflowers and drummond phlox. For a sunnier effect, look to the coral tones of butterfly milkweed and blanket flowers.

3. The Pleasures of Rustication

The last decade has seen a sharp increase in rustic touches to wedding ceremonies. Mason jars, country lace, and cowboy boots now rub shoulders with heirloom china and elegant place settings. It makes for revelry and fun, and carrying it into floral expression is simplicity itself.

Any of the wildflowers mentioned above will make a great contribution. Likewise, you can’t miss with classic blooms like peonies and sweet pea. But real flair comes from stepping a little further outside the conventional. Local ferns and vines, flowering dogwood, unripened strawberries and vegetables, and even heirloom tomatoes can add pleasing touches to your pastoral centerpieces.

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4. Changing Shapes

Traditional flowers still reign supreme at weddings, but traditional shapes are being challenged. Mind you, classical roundness and proportions will never truly go out of style. But in talking about recent wedding flower trends, 2015 is definitely giving way to more organic configurations. Low, broad vases paired with wilder blooms make for free flowing and fascinating combinations.

Pay particular attention if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. There’s nothing to compliment the scenery like a sprightly v-shaped arrangement. Orchids are perfect candidates to lead the way in these.

5. Floral Flair

Wearable arrangements are back in a big way. Of course there’s always been the corsage, but we’re now seeing a fresh resurgence in all kinds of botanical accessories. The season is awash in necklaces, pins, hair clips, and rings of living elegance.

It’s most apparent in the return of the flower crown. They went away for a few years, but they’ve begun reappearing in bridal attire with a bite. Blooms like roses and hydrangeas still remain the most popular choices for making them. However, more delicate and unconventional choices are quickly rounding on them. We’ve seen crowns holding beauties like baby’s breath, bloodroot, lilac, puschkinia, and bluestar. There’s no telling what’s next on the list, and we’re breathless to see (or create) more original ideas!

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