How to Choose the Right Flowers for Mother’s Day

Whether your mom is traditional, cutting-edge or free-spirited and whimsical, you can’t go wrong getting her flowers for Mother’s Day. But if you aren’t sure which flowers mom will like best, we here at Plaza Flowers devised a few ways to help you decide on the best flowers for Mother’s Day based on your mom’s personal style.

Favorite color or flower

The easiest way to choose the best flowers for Mother’s Day is to go with a bouquet that meshes with her favorite color or type of flower. Got a tulip-loving mom that adores variety? Tulip Treasure it is!Tulip Treasure

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”
George Washington

Flower with Deep Meaning

Perhaps your happily married mom carried a bouquet of calla lilies down the aisle. Maybe she can’t help but swoon over Eartha Kitt’s song “Lilac Wine” or enjoyed a field of sunflowers planted near her childhood home. Finding a flower that has a deep meaning for your mom not only shows you care, but that you’ve also paid supreme attention to her over the years.

Match Her PersonalityLuxury Collection Orchids & Ivy

The traditional mom can match up well with lush arrangements containing roses, while cutting-edge moms with a modern edge may enjoy elegant
bouquets served up in a single color or a few large, vibrant flowers in a sleek vase. Free-spirited mothers may enjoy an exotic arrangement full of flowers of various heights, textures and hues.

Review a sampling of the Mother’s Day flowers and arrangements our designers have put together to find one that matches your mom’s personal vibe.

Think Spring

Mother’s Day has the good fortune of falling in the middle of spring, a time that’s blooming with bright colors and extraordinary textures. Go for one of the best spring arrangements that can double as the best flowers for Mother’s Day.


Go with a Best Seller


Our best-selling bouquets sell well for a reason. They’re stunning, artistic and have what it takes to continue to draw buyers their way. A prime example from our spring collection is the Spring has Sprung Mixed Basket, packed with seasonal blooms.Spring Has Sprung Mixed Basket

Regardless of the type, color or style of flowers you choose for Mother’s Day, they’re likely to be a big hit as long as you choose them with care — and send them on time!



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