Top Ten Prom Flower Tips

Your high school prom is a highly anticipated evening that requires a lot of planning. What type of dress is best for me? What color? How will I style my hair? What jewelry to wear? Where will we take photos? What about a limousine? Post-prom party? All of these questions need to be answered, plus you must address the floral details. So now you’re more stressed than ever. No worries. Here are my top 10 tips from Plaza Flowers to simplify your prom flower selection.

  1. Don’t choose from the book at your florist. Walk to their cooler and select flowers that complement your dress (or suit for the guy). We floral designers enjoy customizing with a fun assortment of flowers. After 50 corsages if mini white roses, we’ve had it!Gerbera Aster Prom Hand TIed Flower Delivery
  2. Carry a small bouquet if you’re concerned about a wrist corsage being uncomfortable. Some students think they can’t carry a bouquet because “I’ll look like a bridesmaid,” or “Nosegays are old-fashioned like the one my mom carried.” Forget both of those myths. Today’s hand-tied bouquets are youthful and fun. Carry yours casually with a relaxed arm. If you hold it like an altar boy with a candle, then you will look old-fashioned.
  3. Dare to be different. Why does your corsage have to go on your wrist? Think about an upper arm band, or flowers on your purse with a matching floral anklet. It’s your prom and there are no <floral> rules.
  4. Personalize your bouquet or corsage with embellishments that showcase your style and individuality. Choose from beaded sprays, rhinestones, feathers, fancy ribbons, decorative wire, and more. The sky’s the limit. Use your imagination and have fun.
  5. Avoid matching flowers and ribbons to your dress color. Head across the color wheel and find a color that compliments your dress. Contrast is the key. For example, if you are wearing a blue dress, then compliment with orange flowers and tie it all together with some blue thistle or gems an accent.Roses Thistle Boutonniere
  6. Don’t forget flowers for your hair. This is a very inexpensive treat that adds a lot to your ensemble. A single flower on a comb or some babies breath in your hair is a fabulous finishing touch.
  7. Give some thought to the man’s boutonniere. Why does every man have to wear the same white rose with babies breath? Guys get to express their personality too. Have fun with the boutonniere!
  8. Pick up your flowers the night before your prom and keep them in your fridge. Prom day is crazy enough. You don’t need to fight the crowd at your florist. Flowers last for a week; they’ll certainly be fine overnight.
  9. Ladies, don’t let your mom pin your date. Practice at the flower shop if you’re nervous. Pinning on the boutonniere is an important start to a wonderful evening.
  10. Speaking of starts. . . Guys, make sure you pick up a small wrapped bouquet at your florist. Show some class by presenting the bouquet to the mother of your date when you arrive. Tell Mrs. Cleaver how beautiful she looks and thank her for everything she’s done to make the prom extra special. Your kind words and the flowers will be remembered, especially if you happen to bring her daughter home after curfew.

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